Why you need a Real Estate Agent or Broker to Buy, Rent That Property in Lagos Nigeria.

You may think a real estate agent merely looks at a list of homes, picks out a few, shows them to you and propose one of them to you. In the normal sense that’s true, but there is much more to it. Besides looking through the List of Property available for sale/rent that fit your budget & needs, a good agent pre-inspects each home, discusses the home with the listing agent to find out what is motivating the seller, scout the neighborhood and schools and much more.

Your agent will do everything you would do to responsibly investigate the home, but do it much faster and more effectively than you can, because he or she knows the neighborhood and has played the game a hundred times before.

"Always know; Your real estate agent is there  not just to find your new home, but to protect your interests in the transaction as well". 

When your agent makes an offer, he or she knows exactly what to include in the offer and what to exclude. He or she knows what questions to ask the seller, verify document and what terms you must include to protect yourself, and what disclosures the seller must provide.

For example, I had an experience working with a professional real estate agent company like Marvelrealtor in Lagos, Nigeria, who knows the area very well where I wanted to Buy a Property. They understands the nuances of the neighborhood and the quality of the schools, hospitals, malls and others. The agent knows every home that has been listed and sold in the neighborhood recently, and every important details about each one.

Real Estate Agents have relationships with the professionals, whose help you will need to complete your transaction and maintain your home. These professionals include property inspection companies, document verification officer, among others.

    "Your real estate agent or broker is there not just to find you a suitable duplex, terrace or flat as the case maybe, but to advice you on the neighbourhood so as to avoid pitfalls in the future. So you need a Professional Real Estate Agent/Broker to Broker that Properties in Lagos, Nigeria."

If you are looking for the best real estate egent in Lagos; Look for Marvel Realtor.
With them, you can be sure of value as they have simplified processes, from property search, buying of homes to selling off your property, renting of home to property management, and also from property documentation search to acquiring of Landed document like Certificate of Occupancy (CofO), Governor's consent, Land Survey for your real estate in Lagos.

Looking to Rent, Buy or Sell Property in Ikoyi, Victoria Island or Lekki in Lagos? I can only point you to Marvel Realtor as I have tested them, used, re-use their services over time, they have got good & marvelous customer service. I have also referred them to friends, family and clients as they have always gotten back to me with good customer feedback - " Testimonies from Chief O. Osagie".

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