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Buying a Home in Lekki
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Buying a Home

Buying a home can be one of your most substantial investments in life. Not solely are you choosing your perfect home, but this home is where you will bring up your family, you will likely be investing a massive part of your resources into this venture. The extra prepared you are from the beginning, the less overwhelming and chaotic the buying system will be. The goal here is to supply you with accurate data to help you in making a wise and informed decision. Remember, if you have any questions about the process, we're only a phone or email away!

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Why NOW is the best time to Buy a Property 

With the current COVID-19 crises rocking the entire world, especially in Lagos Nigeria, the real estate sector has crashed drastically. These are the time where real property investor, invest in Real Estate. For example, Sellers are selling their lands, homes, office spaces at reduced prices. A 4 Bedroom Duplex/Terrace that usually goes for N85,000,000 in Ikate Elegushi Axis in Lekki, is now being sold by a homeowner as distress sale for N65,000,000. In some area in Ikoyi, Lagos, Land Valued at N550,000 - N600,000 Per square meter now goes for N400,000 - N450,000 depending on the owners. The list goes on and on.

There is never a better time to invest in the real estate sector or spend that saved fund on your property than now.

Buying a home

Here is how we can help you in invest

Property Inspection

Property Inspections are intended to assist you with understanding the general state of a property, above all, sparing you significant time with the buying procedure and hundred of thousands, even millions in fixing or redesign. Some of this examinations-inspection will be required, during the purchasing process which our organization can provide you with are:

Standard Property Inspection

The areas which are taking into account during the inspection include the environment, rooftops, outside surfaces, carport/garage, structure, storage room, cellar, slither space, electrical, air conditioning features, plumbing, and other home appliances. By and large, properties are still sold "as-it-is" even after inspections carried out, though, this can also be a point in the negotiation.

Swimming Pool, Hot Tub Inspection

While inspecting a property, the general condition and operability of a pool as well as hot tub's gear. Furthermore, the state of the pool deck will be assessed for disintegration as well as other recognizable deformities.

Septic Tank Inspection

Septic Tank investigation is an assessment performed by on-location waste management professional. It includes getting the top cover of the septic tank to look at the liquid level inside the septic tank. The Septic tank is pumped to check the state of the tank & it's bewildering. The draining field examined to determine the degree of sub-surface fluid waste (emanating). This test makes the purchaser aware of conceivably expensive septic framework fixes or rebuilding costs. The Septic Tank assessment gives more accurate data on possible issues than a septic color test.

Water Supply Tank and Potability Inspection

Intended to decide if the Water Supply Tank/Private supplies water well enough to the house and to check its portability if its okay consumption or utilization. Tests can be sent to lab for potability (drinkability) investigation.

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For Sale



3 Bedroom Apartment for sale

Glover road,  Ikoyi

200 sq m
3 Bathrooms 

3 Bedrooms  

4 Toilet                  

Joanna Charles




4 Bedroom Duplex for sale

Osapa London,  Lekki

187 sq m
4 Bathrooms

4 Bedrooms 

5 Toilet

Kuku Kunle




Duplex for Sale

Sutherland Estate, Victoria Island

220 sq m
4 Bathrooms

4 Bedrooms  

5 Toilet

Raphael DeGreat


Newly Added



Brand New Duplex for sale

Ikate,  Lekki

200 sq m
5 Bathrooms 

Bedrooms 5  

6 Toilet                  

Joanna Charles




Brand New Duplex for rent

Mini Estate,  Lekki

200 sq m
4 Bathrooms

Bedrooms 4 

5 Toilet

Kuku Kunle




Duplex for rent 

Alperton Estate, Osapa, Lekki

220 sq m
4 Bathrooms

Bedrooms 4 

5 Toilet

Raphael Great


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